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We now live in an incredible world where staying connected is never more than a click away. Wi-Fi, laptops, tablets and mobiles enable us to sign in, tweet, post and Google from anywhere. Yet this same technology also makes it tougher to get away from it all and truly relax, especially when we are expected to be connected 24/7.

In fact, nearly half of us feel so controlled by our devices that we can't help but respond to every text and email even if we are sunbathing by the pool.

There was a time when we went away to get away, when the only correspondence we would have with our family and friends was a postcard to say 'wish you were here'. Now of course, wherever you go your friends, family and colleagues are in effect there too, thanks to the latest technology. This leaves those seeking a break from work and their digital devices with two choices: travel far out of range or employ the willpower to refrain from checking your emails. But things could be about to change.

Just 10 years ago, leaving the wired world was easy. But growing demand for mobile phone coverage and wireless Internet access in even the most remote places has changed that. Perhaps that's why, forward-thinking destinations and resorts such as Petit St Vincent in the Grenadines and Soneva Fushi in the Maldives have created unique environments where it is easy to enjoy a technology detox and simply spend some quality time with your loved ones making them the go-to digital detox hotels. After all, it's hard to be persuaded to join a 'quick' remote conference call if you never received the invitation in the first place.

Hotels that are embracing this emerging trend to free us from constant communication are often referred to as black hole resorts, where the greatest luxury is dropping off the grid.

If you want nothing more than to unplug from your technology this year, embrace the joy of true quiet with our selection of hand-picked digital detox holidays...